Ashram Department Tour

Starts at 8:15 am from our Branch Office at No. 3 Rangapillai Street
Ends at 11:30 am at the Perfumery
On all Working days
Rs.50/- per head.
Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Programme for the Tour of the Ashram Departments

  1. Video film show: on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother at 8:30 am
  2. Visitors are requested not to join the show if they are late
  3. Hosiery factory: Manufactures vests & banians - sales
  4. Agarbatti showroom: Agarbatti & incense - sales
  5. Handloom weaving: Manufactures towels, spread sheets & other small items - sales
  6. Hand made paper: Mfg. white & colored drawing, marbling on paper, paintings - sales
  7. Harpagon - sales
  8. Sri Smriti - Relics and items used by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother - visit
  9. Marbling: Marbling (Hand printing) on silk sarees, scarves stoles, ties - sales
  10. Batik: Tie and dye work - sales
  11. Ayurved dispensary: Herbal & aurvedic medicines - sales
  12. Perfumery: Scents, garments & various items - sales

If any of the above departments are closed,
one of the following departments may be shown:

  1. Library: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Library - visit
  2. Aurofurn: Manufactures leather goods - sales
  3. Art House: Paintings display - visit
  4. Embroidery: Needle work embroidering - sales start at 2.00 pm.
Puducherry Darshan Tour

Starts at 2:15 pm & ends by 6:00 pm at our Branch Office at No. 3 Rangapillai Street
On all days except Monday
Rs.150/- per head.
Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Programme for the Puducherry Darshan Tour

  1. Varadaraja (Lord Vishnu) Temple : Perumal Koil, built in 12th Century
  2. Statue of Narasimha behind Venkatachalapathy, the main deity.

  3. Vedapuriswara (Lord Shiva) Temple : Iswaran Koil, built in 18th Century (1788)
  4. Pondicherry was once known a Vedapuri. It has a swayambhulinga & stone inscriptions.

  5. Cathedral Church : Saint Paul's Koil, built in 1791 under the title of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, consecrated by Bishop Champenois.
  6. Botanical Garden and Aquarium
  7. 160 years old with plants from all over India and abroad, priceless Chola bronzes and sculptures. Joy train at extra cost.

  8. Chunambar Boating Club : Pedal boats, motor boats, hydroplane etc.
  9. Beach and back water resort for boating and swimming.

  10. Puducherry Museum : Started by the French on 16th Dec,1942.
  11. It has Antique sculptures and statues and other findings excavated from Arikamedu, an ancient Roman settlement.

The trip will return to the starting place via the Dining Room of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and those who have a dining pass may get down there.

Please note that all entry fees will be paid by us. All other charges extra.

Visit to Matrimandir, Auroville

Matrimandir Visit:
Start at 1:30 pm & ends at 5:30 pm at our Branch Office at No. 3 Rangapillai Street

For Meditation in Matrimandir:
Start at 7:45 am & ends at 12:00 pm Noon at our Branch Office at No. 3 Rangapillai Street
Rs.100/- per head.
Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Programme for the Auroville Visit Tour

  1. Visitors are taken to the Information-Visitors Centre first and then have to walk about a Kilometer to Matrimandir and see it from the outside. A video on Auroville and another on Matrimandir will be shown there. Panchvatee Hanuman temple is shown on the way back.
  2. Anybody found having consumed alcohol will not be allowed.
  3. One free pass for ALL the visitors will be taken by our guide. Visitors do not need to take any separate passes. The visitors are not allowed to go inside the Matrimandir.
  4. Cancellations before the trip leaves will be charged 50% of the fare. There will no refund once the trip leaves.
Garden, Farm and Lake View Tour

Starts at 2:30 pm & Ends at 6:00 pm at our Branch Office at No. 3 Rangapillai Street
On all Working days
Rs.100/- per head.

Programme for the Garden, Farm and Lake View Tour

  1. Casanove farm
  2. Ashram Lake Estate, with a view of the lake from the garden in mainland
  3. PT&TDC bird watching tower
  4. Lake View Seagull restaurant